Ole's Carburetor Rebuilding And Carburetor Equipped Engine Tuning

Tuning service

Carburetor Rebuild Service
Throttle Body Injection
Port Fuel Injection Cleaning Service
Rebushing Throttle Shaft Service - Base Only
Tuning service
Tuning service - Check and advise $100.00
includes checking ignition timing advance curve and air/fuel mixture at idle and part throttle plus a general look for tuning and cooling related problems.
If the customer has the recommended services performed the check and advise fee will be waved. If the recommended services are done at a future date 1/2 of the fee can be applied to the future service as long as they are performed within 30 days

carburetor rebuilding
carburetor air/fuel mixture tuning
carburetor jetting service
distributor re-curving service
distributor mechanical advance re-curving service
distributor vacuum advance re-curving service
muscle car carburetor tuning
vintage vehicle carburetor tuning
muscle car distributor spark advance curve service

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