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Carburetor Rebuild Service
Throttle Body Injection
Port Fuel Injection Cleaning Service
Rebushing Throttle Shaft Service - Base Only
Tuning service

On & off vehicle carburetor rebuilding, carburetor tuning & ignition advance tuning services are now available at our new home at Tires Import / Performance Motorsports 1581 El Camino Real Millbrae CA. 94030 ph# 650-589-7377 or 650-342-8473

We Offer In-House:

 Carburetor Rebuilding

  On The Vehicle Carburetor air/fuel mixture tuning and Ignition Spark Advance
 Tuning Service

Distributor mechanical advance and vacuum advance recurving service

Hot Rod, Muscle Car ,Vintage, Classic and Street Rod Engine Performance Tuning - Performance Restoration by Tuning a Carburetor Equipped Engine for Today's Unleaded Reformulated Gasoline

  Re-bushing of Carburetor and TBI Throttle Shafts 
Ultrasonic Fuel Injector Cleaning and Fuel Injector Flow Bench Services

The links below are to a few of the "How to tune a carburetor equipped engine" tech articles from automotive trade magazines that were based on on some of the vehicles that we have tuned for today's unleaded reformulated gasoline 

Tuning Ignition Spark Advance Systems Article

Tuning a Vacuum Advance System Tech Article

The Air/Fuel Equation Engine Builder Magazine Tech Article

The Impact of Reformulated Gasoline on Carbureted Engines

Tuning a New Crate or Rebuilt Carbureted Engine Tech Article 

Fuel Tank Venting The Shop Magazine Tech Article

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